Missed Opportunity


I recently participated in a local charity’s fund raising event. You know the type – sign up online, setup a fund raising page, recruit more team members and help raise money for a worthy cause.

Once I signed up online, I began to receive encouraging emails from the charity to let me know my participation was appreciated. The emails included fund raising tips, timely reminders of the event’s details and congratulatory announcements when I received an online donation.

It all went wonderfully well. I raised several hundred dollars and the event was poignant and fun. Heck, even the mid-October weather cooperated by gracing us with sunny skies and pleasant temperatures. I departed Sunday’s event with that “after-glow” of knowing I helped raise money for an organization that does meaningful and important community work.

And then they just disappeared. Monday rolled around and was met with silence. Tuesday came and went – had they forgotten about me already? Wednesday was the same story – still nothing in my inbox. How odd. After several days of silence, the event’s “after-glow” has faded and I feel much less connected to the charity I had championed a few short days ago.

I know these types of fund raising events are exhausting to organize and when they are done, you just want to collapse in a corner. But to go completely dark on your supporters when the event ends is a missed opportunity.

Because this is the perfect time to reach out to your participants and let them know how much you appreciate them. Bask with them in the event’s after-glow by sending out a quick recap of the event’s highlights and successes. Strengthen your mutual bond by reminding participants of their important role in keeping these critical services within our community.

And most importantly, tell them THANK YOU!

I’m still waiting………

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2 Responses to “Missed Opportunity”

  1. Ari Says:

    Wow – it’s as if they heard you! I just got a thank you message from this charity in my inbox (Thursday early afternoon), with a running total of the donations collected. Of course it’s now 4 days later and my mind is on coming weekend, not last weekend.

  2. servicerox Says:

    Exactly – they missed the “timely” in timely follow-up.

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