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A Lesson in Customer Communications – Portland Water Bureau

November 30, 2009

Is your company or organization prepared to handle customer communications when the unexpected happens?

Service disruptions and unexpected events require immediate engagement with your customers. The same tools that you use to engage and communicate with your customers for normal business activities need to be utilized in times of crisis.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the City of Portland’s Water Bureau experienced a crisis that required immediate and regular customer communications. How they handled this communication left some customers unhappy. Here’s what happened: (more…)


Building Customer Trust

November 16, 2009

Pssssst? Want to know how to increase customer loyalty? Try building customer trust.

It’s no secret! A key factor to long-term business success is the ability to earn the trust of your customers today. Otherwise, you can forget about them doing business with you tomorrow.  (more…)

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