Building Customer Trust

Pssssst? Want to know how to increase customer loyalty? Try building customer trust.

It’s no secret! A key factor to long-term business success is the ability to earn the trust of your customers today. Otherwise, you can forget about them doing business with you tomorrow. 

Want to gain your customers’ trust? You will grow a loyal customer-base if you:

  • Keep your word and honor your commitments
  • Admit your mistakes
  • Trust your customers to do the right thing

I had a recent “Admit your mistake” experience at Oba Restaurant. We ordered a coconut prawn appetizer plate and were happily munching away when our waitress suddenly appeared at our table all apologetic. A mistake had been made and our shrimp plate was not dressed the way it should have been and it was missing a shrimp. She then brought us another shrimp plate (free) so we could enjoy them “the right way”. Needless to say, we were impressed that she corrected a mistake (that we were blissfully unaware of) and she earned our trust, loyalty and a bigger tip!

I always use the “keep your word” test when I am deciding which home contractor to hire. If a contractor doesn’t show up on-time for the job quote appointment or if they fail to deliver their quote within our agreed upon time-frame, then I don’t hire them. I don’t care how many glowing recommendations they have; the reality is I can’t trust them to honor their commitments.

Another great way to build customer trust is to trust your customers to do the right thing. A couple of marvelous examples of this trust-building principle in action include my recent experience at Oaks Bottom Public House and Three Friends Coffee House’s “micro-IOU” system.

When you build trust with your customers over time, your relationship will be strong enough to survive the occasional (and inevitable) test due to a missed deadline, spotty service, or some other type of unmet customer expectation.

How do you build trust with your customers?

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2 Responses to “Building Customer Trust”

  1. Ray Says:


    Very good article! And I love the new logo too!

  2. servicerox Says:

    Thanks Ray – I’m digging the logo too!

    I think one of the main reasons for your success in Sales is that you are so adept at building trust & strong relationships with your small business customers.

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