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Google Nexus One – Pitfalls of Partnership

January 15, 2010

The recent launch of Google’s Nexus One Android phone has been an interesting one to follow. Although it is still early in the game, the launch appears to be more fizzle than sizzle.

From a customer service perspective, it seems that the three players (Google, HTC, T-Mobile) either under-estimated or ignored the customer service challenges posed by a multi-vendor partnership.  (more…)


Johnny the Bagger

January 4, 2010

Don’t you just love a true-life story where the hero is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things? I do!

To kick-off 2010 on an inspirational note, here is the real-life story of how “Johnny the Bagger” won his customers’ hearts and loyalty by doing something special for them.

Johnny’s story is a touching reminder that great Customer Service doesn’t depend on technological prowess or fancy tools; it comes from the heart.

Although this video is a couple of years old, it still contains a relevant and powerful message for today. Here’s a question we should all ponder: “How do we make our customers feel special?”

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