Social Customer Service – What are the Metrics?

There are plenty of articles on how to measure the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing efforts. But Social Customer Service is a different animal and needs other metrics to gauge its effectiveness and impact.

The metrics you gather will provide important insight for your organization. Although there are differences between Social Marketing and Social Customer Service, there is overlap.  I have worked closely with our Marketing team to determine what to measure and what our “success metrics” should look like. 

Here is what we currently measure:

Total # of Mentions – We use a line graph so we can monitor the trend over time. Our expectation is that the line will trend up now that we are more engaged. The line also trends up when an unusual incident occurs (e.g.: a system problem) and it gives us a new way to convey the customer impact.

Mentions categorized by type -We categorize these into 3 specific types: Inquiries, Complaints, and Positive Mentions. We also have sub-categories for New Sale or Cancel-Save that allows us to track potential revenue impact. Although revenue is not one of our success metrics, we do track these and if we can save a frustrated customer from canceling it is definitely a win!

Mentions by Product – We use a pie graph with a percentage breakdown by product. This gives us insight into which products spark the most conversation.

Mentions by Social Media Platform – We use a pie graph with a percentage breakdown by Social Media platform. This gives us insight into where our customers are having conversations. Twitter is (by far) the most popular platform for our customers.

Complaints versus Positive Mentions – We use a line graph with a separate line for each. Our goal is a minimum 1:1 ratio.  Before we started responding, the number of complaints far exceeded the number of positive mentions (which was expected because we were not involved in the conversation). Now we are seeing this ratio turn more in our favor because our customers are thrilled that we are listening and responding to them.

Mentions versus “Resolved by Us” – We use a line graph with a separate line for each. This metric is used to measure our productivity and effectiveness. Because we don’t respond to every mention (e.g.: community may have resolved it and we don’t respond to Trolls or Ragers), we are not expecting a 1:1 ratio. But we do expect to see that we are responding and resolving to an increasing number of mentions.

Success Stories – In addition to cold, hard data, we also include “success stories”.  Screen shots of positive Twitter mentions help convey and humanize the positive customer impact of Social Customer Service.

It’s important to remember that as you gather more data and gain more experience, your metrics will evolve too. Our metrics have changed and I expect that to continue.

Are there other measures you think should be included? Let me know – thanks!


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5 Responses to “Social Customer Service – What are the Metrics?”

  1. Rick Spies Says:

    Ann, today I finished my class on “Social Media” within the Digital Marketing Strategies program at PSU. This class included some discussion on social media for customer service.

    There a SO MANY tools for measuring metrics, free, low-cost, paid, and custom, in addition to manual processes + spreadsheets. Some try to use natural language algorithms to detect tone, with some success.

    I’m curious: what tools are you using to measure the metrics you mention above?

    • servicerox Says:

      Rick – congrats on completing your SoMe class. I’d love to chat with you sometime on what the class covered for Social Customer Service.

      There are a lot of tools to choose from! We bootstrapped our project and to keep our costs down, our toolkit is mainly free tools. I did a post in Sept titled Low Cost Customer Service Toolkit for Social Media “listening” that outlines our toolkit – shortened link is here –

      We would love to get our hands on a Social CRM tool such Radian6. At some point, we will outgrow our current toolkit – hopefully we will because that means we’ve been successful!

      Thanks for visiting and contributing! 🙂

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  3. Riel Says:


    What advice would you give to a company about what social media platforms to monitor?

    • servicerox Says:

      Hi Riel –

      I think it’s important to cast a wide net when you start listening. In general, the biggies tend to be Twitter, FB and blogs although that doesn’t hold true for every organization. Certain forums and/or YouTube may be very active for an organization – you just don’t know until you start listening – and measuring!

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