A Lesson in Memorable Experiences – courtesy of Metrovino restaurant

Want to build customer loyalty? Adding a personal touch will provide your customers with “memorable experiences” and make them feel special.

I had one of my most memorable dining experiences ever last week. Sure, the food was superb and the service was excellent – after all, I live in Portland OR, one of the best foodie cities in the nation! Nope, our experience was memorable because the restaurant made us feel special.

I made dinner reservations at Metrovino to celebrate my partner’s birthday. After booking my reservation, I tweeted how excited I was to celebrate her birthday at Metrovino. I was really chuffed when Chef Greg Denton responded to my tweet. We hadn’t yet stepped into his restaurant, but his personal touch had already made me feel special.

Our dinner was superb – the food was excellent and the service was attentive and unobtrusive. But what really made it memorable was all of the personal touches that came along with our meal.

• The maitre d arriving with a complimentary glass of wine and birthday greetings

• Chef Denton visiting with us at our table. He spent several minutes chatting about our entrees, local food events and how he came up with some of the flavor pairings in his dishes.

• Chef Denton recommending and then preparing a cheese plate he thought we would enjoy

• Being presented with a delicious espresso cake complete with a birthday candle and “happy birthday” spelled out in chocolate on the plate

So thanks to Chef Denton and to  the gracious staff at Metrovino for making our birthday celebration a memorable event. And you can bet that we are letting all of our friends know that Metrovino is one of the best restaurants in Portland!


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