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Why The Social Customer Deserves Your Attention

July 12, 2012

In a nutshell, this is why the social customer deserves your attention:

  • They will spend more money to receive excellent customer service
  • They won’t buy from you if you give them poor service
  • They tell more people about their experience (good or bad)

This article and infographic by Tricia Morris succinctly describes why the social customer deserves your attention.


Finally! a social customer service metric I can use to quantify ROI

June 8, 2012

I know social customer service has value but I’ve struggled to come up with a consistent and ongoing metric that frames our social customer service program’s ROI in monetary terms. But I finally had my “Aha!” moment this week during a #PDXchat discussion, “What’s The Real ROI of Social Media”.

One of the lead facilitators, Terry Starbucker, recommended that we do two things: first, know the financial value of your customers; and then tie Social Media ROI to profit, sales or customer retention. And that got me thinking……….

One important measure that I use is “Ranter to Raver” which is modeled on a metric that Dell tracks in their Social Media program. It’s a great way to quantify how many unhappy customers you have turned around into brand champions. Like Dell does, I have been calculating this solely on a percentage basis: Ranters turned into Ravers/Ranters. Which is all good but it doesn’t convey our success in dollars & cents.

So when Terry advised us to frame ROI using the financial value of our customers tied with customer retention, the light bulb went off in my head! I finally have a way to calculate ongoing ROI for our social customer service program.  I know what the financial value is for each Cancel/Save customer. All I need to do now is take that financial value and apply it to the number of Ranters-to-Ravers. Voila! I can now produce an ROI figure for our social customer service efforts.

Sweet! Thanks Terry!

Myth Buster – The Customer is NOT Always Right

April 13, 2012

MYTH:  “The customer is always right”.

TRUTH: The customer is not always right. They are (at times) wrong, wrong wrong!

TRUTH: The customer is ALWAYS the customer.

I keep this second truth in mind when I am negotiating, re-setting expectations, and resolving issues.

Treat your customers with respect, listen to them, and manage their expectations. They may not always be right, but they are always the customer!

Customer service is not a transaction, it is an experience

March 24, 2012

I read an insightful post by Alice Wright on customer surveys. Her main point was how focusing on customer survey results can get in the way of providing excellent service. I’ve often found myself in similar situations – especially in retail environments – where the person who rang me up practically begged me to give him/her the highest rating.

Whenever this happens (I’m looking at you big-box retailer!), I typically think, “Um, no, I will not take the survey because you didn’t provide me with any service. You just rang up my order”. Ringing up my order is a transaction, it is not customer service.

Too many people confuse transaction assistance with customer service – they are not the same animal. If you offer me something unexpected, or give me a cool tip on a product or service, that’s a different story. Now you have provided me with service (along with my transaction). As a result, I am more inclined to take the survey AND give high marks.

Maybe we should rename some “customer service” positions and call them “transaction assistance”  positions. Perhaps that will lessen the confusion of what customer service truly is. It’s not a transaction, it is about providing a memorable experience!

Social Customer Service – What are the Metrics?

November 5, 2010

There are plenty of articles on how to measure the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing efforts. But Social Customer Service is a different animal and needs other metrics to gauge its effectiveness and impact.

The metrics you gather will provide important insight for your organization. Although there are differences between Social Marketing and Social Customer Service, there is overlap.  I have worked closely with our Marketing team to determine what to measure and what our “success metrics” should look like.  (more…)

What’s the ROI? Customer Service & Social Media

October 15, 2010

So you’ve decided to use Social Media to extend your customer service efforts out to where your customers are talking. Cool! Now comes the hard part – answering the inevitable question, “What is the ROI?”

It’s a tough question to answer because Social Media ROI is not always easily broken out in dollars & cents. What’s the cost of a complaint that goes unanswered? What’s the revenue impact of a positive mention?

I spent a good chunk of time investigating this question from a customer service perspective. In the end, I think the best answer comes from Frank Eliason, the man who started Comcast’s Social Media customer service program, Comcastcares.

See if you agree with how Frank answers the ROI question – I do!

Invasion of the Plate Snatchers

August 12, 2010

I’m usually not too paranoid, but I must warn unsuspecting diners of a very real danger. Oh yes, be afraid, be very afraid. For THEY are around, lurking just out of sight, ready to pounce without warning. And you may become their next victim. (gasp!)

THEY are………… the Plate Snatchers!   Bwahaha!

THEY will swoop in and snatch your plate away.

THEY don’t care if they invade your personal space.

THEY don’t care if others are still eating, your plate is theirs.

THEY only care that any empty (or almost empty) plates have vanished.

THEY must not ruin our dining adventures. Hold tight to your plate with both hands.

Defend your Plate!

(So now you know what my pet peeve is when dining out. What’s yours?)

Customer Loyalty

July 4, 2010

Thanks to the euro’s declining value, mortgage rates are at their lowest in years. Like many others, we are taking advantage of these low rates to refinance our home. We chose to re-finance using our original mortgage broker (Usher Financial Group) because they cultivated a strong relationship with us that continued post-sale.

As we picked up the closing check at our bank (also happens to hold our current mortgage), the teller asked “Why didn’t you use us?” This guy asked the wrong question! What he should have asked is “What could we have done to win your business?”

Doing business with your customers is NOT the same as having a relationship with them. If you want to win my business, then cultivate a relationship with me. No relationship = zero loyalty.

How do you cultivate customer loyalty? What makes you a loyal customer? Leave a comment and share your tips on cultivating customer loyalty.

Customer Service needs Social Media

June 16, 2010

I believe in the power of Social Media. It has kept me connected to family, re-connected me with old friends, and helped me build stronger personal and professional relationships.

I believe in the power of Social Media to improve customer service. I’ve used it to resolve my own customer service problems so I know it works! Gone are the days when Customer Service dictates how and when a customer contacts them for help.  Now, we must go to where our customers are and make things right when our products or services fall short of their expectations.

In my mind, it is a no-brainer. But there are skeptics that need convincing so I am building a business case to persuade them that the investment is necessary. During my research, I came across this video from Socialnomics that states my case perfectly (and the music is cool too).

What really sticks with me is the notion “Word of Mouth -> World of Mouth”. Take the time to watch it and let me know what you think.

Twitter role model – Best Buy’s Twelpforce

May 28, 2010

As part of my efforts to get Customer Service a larger role within my company’s Social Media initiatives, I’ve been researching how other companies have built and run their Social Media programs. My goal is to identify some best practices that can be incorporated into our fledgling Twitter outreach program.

Earlier this week, I spent some time researching Best Buy’s Twelpforce.


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