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OPB – Where’s the Love?

April 3, 2010

When it comes to OPB, the following is true:

  • I am a huge fan of OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting).
  • I am one of the 120,000 contributors who believe that the service and programming OPB provides is necessary and valuable.
  • I am a proud OPB member.
  • I am a little bit miffed at OPB’s Membership Team. (more…)

Missed Opportunity

October 15, 2009


I recently participated in a local charity’s fund raising event. You know the type – sign up online, setup a fund raising page, recruit more team members and help raise money for a worthy cause.

Once I signed up online, I began to receive encouraging emails from the charity to let me know my participation was appreciated. The emails included fund raising tips, timely reminders of the event’s details and congratulatory announcements when I received an online donation.


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