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Low Cost Customer Service Toolkit for Social Media “listening”

September 17, 2010

Your customers ARE talking!

You have two choices: either join the conversation or ignore it. I am convinced that it’s better to participate than hang out on the sidelines. This point is driven home by a customer service presentation given by Christine Timmins Barry, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Convergys.

Over the last couple of months, I have led a project to incorporate Social Media into our Customer Service efforts. Like many start-up efforts, we have a minimal budget available at the onset. Therefore, we have focused on building a low-cost Social Media toolkit that allows us to “get into the game”. After listening for a couple of months, we found that the vast majority of our “hits” happen on Twitter, blogs and our company’s Facebook page which seems to be typical for many companies.   (more…)


Google Nexus One – Pitfalls of Partnership

January 15, 2010

The recent launch of Google’s Nexus One Android phone has been an interesting one to follow. Although it is still early in the game, the launch appears to be more fizzle than sizzle.

From a customer service perspective, it seems that the three players (Google, HTC, T-Mobile) either under-estimated or ignored the customer service challenges posed by a multi-vendor partnership.  (more…)

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