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It’s 2012 and you are STILL ignoring Social Customer Service? #facepalm

March 2, 2012

I came across a chart in Information Week’s article, “How To Get From CRM To Social” that blew me away. As in “OMG, you have got to be kidding me” blown away.

Check this out:


On Feb 22, 2012, Twitter hit 500 million users. With a world population of 7 billion people, approximately 1 in 14 people have a Twitter account. Yet, only 12% of businesses in this survey have a formal process for responding to customer complaints on Twitter.

With the number of Facebook users projected to hit 1 billion this year, approximately 1 in 7 people will use Facebook. But only 17% (approx 1 in 6) businesses surveyed are ready to respond to their customers.

That’s a lot of customers not being serviced. #Facepalm


Social Customer Service – What are the Metrics?

November 5, 2010

There are plenty of articles on how to measure the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing efforts. But Social Customer Service is a different animal and needs other metrics to gauge its effectiveness and impact.

The metrics you gather will provide important insight for your organization. Although there are differences between Social Marketing and Social Customer Service, there is overlap.  I have worked closely with our Marketing team to determine what to measure and what our “success metrics” should look like.  (more…)

What’s the ROI? Customer Service & Social Media

October 15, 2010

So you’ve decided to use Social Media to extend your customer service efforts out to where your customers are talking. Cool! Now comes the hard part – answering the inevitable question, “What is the ROI?”

It’s a tough question to answer because Social Media ROI is not always easily broken out in dollars & cents. What’s the cost of a complaint that goes unanswered? What’s the revenue impact of a positive mention?

I spent a good chunk of time investigating this question from a customer service perspective. In the end, I think the best answer comes from Frank Eliason, the man who started Comcast’s Social Media customer service program, Comcastcares.

See if you agree with how Frank answers the ROI question – I do!

Low Cost Customer Service Toolkit for Social Media “listening”

September 17, 2010

Your customers ARE talking!

You have two choices: either join the conversation or ignore it. I am convinced that it’s better to participate than hang out on the sidelines. This point is driven home by a customer service presentation given by Christine Timmins Barry, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Convergys.

Over the last couple of months, I have led a project to incorporate Social Media into our Customer Service efforts. Like many start-up efforts, we have a minimal budget available at the onset. Therefore, we have focused on building a low-cost Social Media toolkit that allows us to “get into the game”. After listening for a couple of months, we found that the vast majority of our “hits” happen on Twitter, blogs and our company’s Facebook page which seems to be typical for many companies.   (more…)

Customer Service needs Social Media

June 16, 2010

I believe in the power of Social Media. It has kept me connected to family, re-connected me with old friends, and helped me build stronger personal and professional relationships.

I believe in the power of Social Media to improve customer service. I’ve used it to resolve my own customer service problems so I know it works! Gone are the days when Customer Service dictates how and when a customer contacts them for help.  Now, we must go to where our customers are and make things right when our products or services fall short of their expectations.

In my mind, it is a no-brainer. But there are skeptics that need convincing so I am building a business case to persuade them that the investment is necessary. During my research, I came across this video from Socialnomics that states my case perfectly (and the music is cool too).

What really sticks with me is the notion “Word of Mouth -> World of Mouth”. Take the time to watch it and let me know what you think.

Twitter role model – Best Buy’s Twelpforce

May 28, 2010

As part of my efforts to get Customer Service a larger role within my company’s Social Media initiatives, I’ve been researching how other companies have built and run their Social Media programs. My goal is to identify some best practices that can be incorporated into our fledgling Twitter outreach program.

Earlier this week, I spent some time researching Best Buy’s Twelpforce.


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